Cinemagraph Software – Motion Images Maker

You will agree that for every marketer or content creator is very hard to find great cinemagraph software. Motion images are fun, engaging and boost conversions but are really hard to make and expensive without the right tool.

Do we know the right cinemagraph maker?

YES we do. It is called ClipGraph. It is simple to use and with it you can make motion images from any video with repeat motion on part of it. You can make 10 to 20 second videos with your phone or use other videos. With few clicks, you can choose the length, tweak it by selecting repeat or bounce loop style, and change the looping part speed. It is that easy to work with ClipGraph.


IS it really that easy to use?

Yes it is. All it take is 3 steps to work with ClipGraph

Step 1: Select Video from your computer. Video will import automatically in the right format.

Step 2: Select a still frame. Use the slider to select still frame you want to use as the static part.

Step3: Erase part of the still frame where you want motion to loop. Use eraser to clear the part of static image where you want the video show trough and the just export the motion image.

THAT’S IT! It’s that easy to work with ClipGraph!


Do you need great software for creating cinemagraphs?

 If you are a marketer, designer, content creator or PR expert you already know that motion images are cool and you need the right tool to create them effortlessly.

As every marketer knows great video or picture must do the this 3 things: Captivate, Engage, Convert. And that what we mean by cool. Motion images are the thing that transforms “Invisible” posts into something that everyone likes, shares and comments. And after all isn’t that all we want. All this engagement (likes, comments and shares).




Is ClipGraph the right choice for creating cinemagraphs?

In our opinion YES. If you are a marketer or content creator and you are looking for the right software for cinemagraphs – ClipGraph is the answer. It is super easy to use and it is affordable.


Best of all?

The best of all is that ClipGraph is super affordable.


You are still not sure that you need cinemagraph maker? Let’s get into the details….


Let’s face it, in the fast – paced environment, without scroll- stopping content, your content is almost invisible.

Non-appealing content is of the main factors why most of the marketers and PR experts fail to generate engaging traffic and lose money. Many of the marketers focus too many time and resources on the products alone and when it comes to market it they use still images that everybody else uses.

Those are type of content that nobody stops to look at. They all look the same and your potential customers will not even look at your product if it is not brought in a fun and cool way.

While scrolling you barely notice traditional images and have hard time to commit to watch a long form video content. You need something cool like motion images that will make your potential clients want your product.

Even more… they will want to like, comment and share your product. After all isn’t this what all marketers, PR experts, Branding experts, designers and content creators want? Of course all everyone wants is their products to be recognized as cool and fun. Because after all this is what sells your product. Making your brand look cool to potential users and clients is the absolute goal of every marketer or content creator.

And here is where cinemagraphs come to the picture. That is because they aren’t just boring still images. They catch attention almost instantly.

What makes cinemagraphs amazing is that they are surprising, because it is expected all images to be still but in the next second the motion part contrasts with the rest of the image and is what catch attention the most. They are simply cool and without an effort create scroll-stopping content.

Cinemagraphs are the scroll-stopping content

that everybody wants!

 Why is scroll – stopping content that important?

Well it is really simple. The post that stops the scrolling is the one that gets the most engagement (those likes, comments and shares that we all want). Cinemagraphs are so cool that people just naturally want to share them with their friends which gives you the best CTRs (click trough rates) and the conversions you want.

Cinemagraphs are just an amazing way for creating scroll-stopping content.

Cinemagraphs are simply amazing.

As you know video animation is the future of video, but let’s ask another important question.


Every marketer and content creator knows that everyone now is talking about how videos are the most important content nowadays. Videos deliver much more information faster and with the right video marketing software you can create amazing videos that gives you likes, comment and shares or generally speaking engagement. But no one talks how images are changing.


Let’s face it….

Regular images are getting left behind because they are not as engaging as videos. That is what motion images are good for. They are not just those regular images. They are simply amazing. Everybody likes cinemagraphs. They are simply fun!



Cinemagraphs are really great and engaging because first of all they are still not everywhere. Without the right software they are hard to make which makes them hard for most people to make them. That’s why they look absolutely unique. This element of the surprise for everyone that scrolls and see them is the thing that makes them truly amazing.

Motion images are the scroll-stopping content every marketer wants.

And after what every marketer and content maker wants?….

They want their content to be seen and to be liked. Which lead is to the other thing. Motion images are simply cool. And as every marketer and branding expert knows what is the best way to boost your brand super fast. You know it…



Any brand that is considered cool and unique is the one that gets the most attention. Those are the brands that people want to share with their friends. Those are the brands that people simply recognize wherever they are. And in order to make a cool brand every smart marketer, branding expert or PR expert needs to right tools in order to achieve it.

As we often say on our website, it is very important to create an amazing brand.

You know that in marketing everything as simple as it looks needs to be perfected or it will simply won’t work. Everything needs to look professional because professionalism is the thing that creates clients and customers.

Every detail needs to be perfect in order to create product that the people will like. If you want to boost your CTRs (click trough rates) and conversions you need a content that is just amazing.

We all want this amazing content like motion images and videos that will make our brand and our products look professional and amazing. In order to achieve that your marketing content needs to be absolutely perfect. You should make everything looks really amazing to attract more clients. We all know how hard is to achieve that goal.

You can always hire some designer, that will create motion images or videos for you, but we all been there where you explain every detail of the thing that you want to be created and in the end of the day you end up with a product that you simply don’t like. And not only that but you lost money and your valuable time.

We all been there and we know how frustrating is to have the right vision for your brand and every detail on marketing plan and the thing that ruins it is that you hire designers that do not share your vision and passion for the product which leads to mediocre results. All you need is a software for cinemagraphs that creates images just the way you want them to be.

So that is where ClipGraph comes in place. You just need the right cinemagraph idea!

cinemagraph idea


Working with ClipGraph is super easy. It is done in just 3 steps.

Step 1: Select Video from your PC.

Step 2: Choose still frame. Then you just have to select a still frame you want to use as the static part.

Step3: Erase the part where you want the motion to loop. Then just clear the part of static image where you want the video show trough and export the file with the ready motion image

It is really that easy. You don’t need fancy coding knowledge or previous knowledge in designing to work with ClipGraph. It just simple straight forward process to create content that will give the engagement (likes, comments and shares), that you want.


ClipGraph has been created by professional developers under the supervision of professional marketers, and the result is absolutely incredible.

Cinemagraphs created by ClipGraph come in both HD video format, to use on social media without video support, and in GIF format to use on image only social media and mobile websites. You can export in 1080p, and 720p.

They are perfect for both call to action or building your brand.

You marketing content will look amazing with motion images.

You can also use them on your website, blog, ecommerce store or emails.

ClipGraph is really easy to use, affordable and is just amazing cinemagraph software.

 Once again Let’s tAlk about the clipgraph price

Clipgraph has an amazing price.