Explaindio review – Video Making Platform

You will agree that is super hard to find the right video creation software. In this Explaindio review we will introduce you to the capabilities of this amazing content creation tool.

Why is Explaindio video creator worth it?

The first amazing thing about Explaindio 3.0 is that is not web based. You can download it directly to your device and you don’t need perfect internet connection to use it all the time. Just download it and enjoy all of it’s capabilities and features anywhere at anytime. All you need is your laptop and the software installed on it. THAT’S IT!


Is it easy to use?


Asolutely YES! It takes just few minutes to get use to the Explaindio video creator. All you have to do is pick object and action from the amazing library and combine it with some of your media.


If you still feel confused using it, the software comes with lots of tutorials that help you with every question you have about the software. Just follow the tutorials and create amazing content in minutes.


What are the features we loved the most about Explaindio Video Creator?


It has 800 doodle images – they are both color and black line images.

It comes with 200 animated scenes – They are absolutely easy customizable with all of your favorite media (colors, text, images etc.)

Absolutely amazing background audio – easy to setup background music for all of your content.

Explaindio video creator has over 300 different fonts – They look simply amazing. If you still need to use some of yours this is an option too.

It also comes with 300 stock images – You can use them for both featured and background.

It have also 6 animated characters – The different character has different set of animations.

Tutorials – we are going to mention them again because they are really useful. They will help you with all the question you have about the software within minutes.


But that is not even the best part of this Explaindio review..


The best part is that Explaindio 3.0 is super affordable and it is offered at amazing price.



You still not sure that you need video creation software?

Let’s get into some details….

Video nowadays became the most important thing that every marketer should use in order to achieve all of its brilliant ideas.




You know what we are talking about… Every marketer or content creator has hundreds of ideas for amazing content. But what happens?

You have the idea how your content should look like. All the animations you want to have. And then comes the part where you need someone to make it…

So you go online and find one of the “expert” designers that are full of promises how they will make you content super cool and super fast.

But then in reality when it comes to deliver either they missed the time they had to make it for or the result is terrible. The content looks awful and in the same time you paid hundreds of dollars for it.

This is something every marketer goes trough and we know how disappointing it is.

That is why you need professional content making software


You know what we are talking about. Software that makes professional looking content but in the same time is easy to use and affordable.

Not every marketer is a designer. We believe that marketing content tools should be easy to use by everyone. And that is why we think that Explaindio video creator is so cool. Because it is really easy to use.

You don’t need to have background in designing or coding. You just need few minutes to understand how it works, follow the tutorials and create content in just minutes.

As you know video is the king of content nowadays…

You see them everywhere. Engaging content that presents the products in such an amazing way that they just sell super easy. After all we in the era of social media and the thing that is trending in social media nowadays is quality content.

And if you are a marketer or a content creator you need to follow that trend in order to be successful in the online marketing world.

online marketing

But not any content is amazing….


You know it.  There is  low quality content everywhere that just doesn’t create the engagement that you want. You need high quality content.

DON’T make bad first impression.

If this content is the first thing your users see don’t you want it to be amazing? Don’t you want them to like your brand?

Of course you do. That is why you need something that instantly grabs the attention. Content that simply looks professionally made and that is where the software comes in place.

We already told that we think that Explaindio video creator is amazing but let’s talk about some more features:

  • It has full editing capabilities
  • It also has amazing 3d animations
  • Importing of 3d elements is super easy
  • You can use multiple animations at the same time
  • Explaindio video creator has over 180 text animations
  • It also comes with built-in transitions and keyframe animations
  • You can export the ready content in any format you like (flv, avi, mov, wmv and mp4)


As you can see it has all this amazing features but let’s talk again for the most important thing – Affordability. The price of Explaindio 3.0 is super affordable.

Let’s talk some marketing….


We all know how important is content marketing as we mentioned in this review.

High quality content is a really important. We all want it because it is the thing that creates a recognizable brand. As we said in this videomakerx review : as every marketer knows you always need to try to create the best marketing content possible. The best content creates engagement and engagement is the thing that makes a brand recognizable.

And videos these days are the thing that brings high quality content in the best way to potential customers.

Videos can deliver your high quality content in this amazing engaging way.

You can try with still images but you know that they are something that everyone uses and they are just not enough. As we suggested you can try repeat motions images which are great way for using images but you need to combine them with videos.

They are what is trending right know and if you want to be good marketer you need to be innovative.




Innovation is the thing that gives you competitive advantage in front of your competitors. Every marketer wants to create a brand that is recognizable and associated with quality.

Quality content just makes your brand look cool…


As we mentioned earlier in this Explaindio review, this software is easy to use tool that creates high quality content. It is the thing that will help you create brand that is considered cool. Because cool brand is the one that is recognizable by the customers.

And we know that as a marketer you have ideas all the time for quality content. But things that stops you from making them is either hard to use software or freelancers that cannot understand your idea. They don’t make your content in time and still charge you hundreds of dollars.

That is where Explaindio video creator comes in place. It is easy to use and as we mentioned it is not web based. This very important because this way you use all of the Explaindio video creator features without the need of Internet. That means you can create quality content anywhere and anytime.


Quality content is the king…


It really is. You don’t want to make bad first impression with using low quality content in your marketing or your landing pages. As you know you have a few seconds to catch attention and you need a content of highest quality to achieve that.

But not every video will help you create engagement. You need high quality media in order to make your brand cool.

Social media gives the chance to market your brand in so many ways. But with no doubt high quality content is the way to go.

You need to achieve all of yours marketing ideas you have. We at elitereviewspro know that every marketer has so many different ideas on how to create his marketing plan.

But achieving it is the hard part. You need to create this high quality content.


create high quality content


And in order to create this content you need the right marketing tools. As we mentioned earlier the software has all of the features that makes it possible to create content of highest quality.

The software is easy to use, not web-based and affordable. You don’t need to be designer or have background in design to use it. You just need a few minutes to get use to the platform and you will be ready to use it.

And if you still have question how to use it… the tutorials will help you with all of the questions you have about using the software.

It simply is amazing platform that makes it possible for everyone to create quality content. Content that helps you create engagement. This is the way to create a brand that is recognizable and is simply cool.